Hearing aid trial and fitting

The role of hearing aid trials and fittings is essential for achieving the best hearing results for those with hearing loss. During a hearing aid trial, audiologists and patients work together to choose and personalise the most appropriate device. The process starts by thoroughly assessing the patient's hearing requirements, lifestyle, and preferences.


Based on the detailed hearing evaluation, audiologist decides whether the client is a suitable candidate for hearing aid. Detailed case history is taken followed by extensive counseling about the type, degree of hearing loss and the best suitable technology specific to the client’s need. At Aanchal we are very enthusiastic to make common people understand every technology/feature included in the hearing aid device. We

explain in detail with simple language and help them to choose the best hearing solution for each client. Then hearing aid trial is given to the client to experience the technology to the best. We recommend the best hearing aid technologies in the world such as Signia (previously known as Siemens), Starkey, Gn Resound, Phonak, Unitron etc…


We consider each hearing aid fitting as the beginning of a new relationship, which we value the most. We have a systematic follow-up and review program, where we ensure that you are satisfied and well-adjusted to the amplification. Proper usage, care, and hearing aid maintenance are also taught through patient education. The wearer's feedback and experiences inform adjustments during the iterative trial-and-fitting process. The ultimate goal is to maximise benefits and satisfaction, helping people reconnect with the sounds of their lives and improve their overall quality of life by enhancing their hearing abilities.