Cochlear Implants

Cochlear implants, groundbreaking devices, are designed to restore the sense of sound for those with severe to profound hearing loss. Unlike hearing aids, cochlear implants directly stimulate the auditory nerve. The implant includes two main parts: an external processor and an internal implant. The external processor captures and converts sounds into digital signals. The signals are sent to the internal implant, where they are translated into electrical impulses. The electrodes within the cochlea receive these impulses and then stimulate the auditory nerve fibres. This process enables the brain to sense sound. Although they offer incredible benefits, cochlear implants may not be suitable for everyone with hearing loss.



Those who have severe to profound hearing loss and don't get significant benefits from hearing aids are primarily recommended for them. Also, the criteria for eligibility may vary based on factors such as age, degree of hearing loss, and overall health. The effectiveness of cochlear implants differs from person to person. Outcomes depend on factors like age at implantation, duration of deafness, and rehabilitation efforts. Language development and integration into hearing communities in children can be significantly impacted by early implantation.


Following the implant, recipients undergo rehabilitation to adjust to hearing with it. Auditory training, speech therapy, and regular follow-ups are needed to fine-tune the device settings. The use of cochlear implants has drastically improved the lives of many, enhancing their hearing and communication abilities. They've created new opportunities for education, employment, and social interactions that were once difficult or unavailable. The auditory experience for recipients of cochlear implants is continuously enhanced by ongoing improvements in design and functionality, solidifying their reputation as an extraordinary solution for profound hearing loss.


A cochlear implant is an implant-surgical solution for hearing loss. Which is expensive compared to the hearing aid. This uses electrical stimulation rather than acoustic stimulation. At Aanchal we provide all spare parts for cochlear implants (cochlear) and all accessories. We are the authorized dealers for implants and other devices for cochlear in the northern part of Kerala.